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Continuing the concept jewelry | The concept of

"clothing inlaid on jewelry" in the setting collection.

This time the protagonist has been replaced by a plush

toy bear. No one knows how the teddy bear has

become a symbol of "plush toys".




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Liquefied Butterfly

Metal liquefaction abstracted into butterfly shape

exudes tempting charm, but also uniquely aggressive.

In terms of wearing method, the combination of stacking

gives more space for matching and brings a strong

visual impact.




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Opal is derived from Latin ‘opalus’, which means

“integrating the beauty of gemstones”. On a small

Opal stone, you can see rich and colorful colors.

The dreamy colour changing effect is like whispering,

telling romantic private stories at your fingers

and in your ears.



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Ripple Hair Jewelry


We are more likely to forget the main body of the story.

On the contrary, remember some images and feelings

outside the main body, these memories go beyond

the facts to make up our experience.  "YVMIN" constantly

explores the possibility of jewelry, solidifies the moment

of emotion and sensibility in exquisite jewelry. The

liquefied jewel form depicts the moment when the

metal crosses the line of sight. Emotions and feelings

ripple through our hearts.




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